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Here are a few of our most recent customer comments...

"This year we have the cleanest clamp of silage we have ever made. In the past we have tried a variety of additives but never has it looked so good. The top and sides show no waste at all which is something we’ve not had before is. The cows are really enjoying the silage and clean up well each day. I'm very happy with how the Advance has performed for us this year and will certainly be using it again next year!"
Mike Packham & Sons, Docker Hall, Docker, Kendal

"Stephen Lawson tried Advance for the 1st time this year and treated his 2 cuts of grass silage. Milking his 100 pedigree Holstein Friesians on what can be described as a very dry farm, he admits this year has been a real challenge even for them. However the cows are performing well, maintaining last year’s production of a 31litre average throughout their herd. "The silage has fermented very well, it's clean and very stable in both clamp and passage, the cows intakes are up and unlike many farms I hear about, we are where we want to be. Very impressed with the Advance and how well it's coped in the most testing of years. I have already placed my order for next year!"
Mssrs Lawson, Deerslet Farm, Burton in Kendal, Carnforth, Lancs

"Mike, David and Richard Crackles used Advance on their 1st cut silage for the 2nd time this year, and feels it has been a great test for the additive. "Last year we used Advance for the first time and made some very good silage. However, having had most silage making factors go in our favour, we felt we would have made some good forage regardless. The jury was still out. This year has been a different story. Repeatedly challenged by the weather, we collected what we could, when we could. A very stop-start harvest with the sheet off and on at regular intervals and so when you look at the final product, you know that the additive has performed and performed well! What's more the cows enjoy it and are milking to their targets!"
P&C Crackles, Mill Farm, Burrow, Kirkby Lonsdale

"Using Advance for the 2nd year running and have once again made some superb silage. Over 2000 tonnes came off the first cut alone, which is a significant amount of their winter feed. "This year has arguably been the worst for harvest that many of us will of known. Because of this it's vital that you maximise what you have and I feel the Advance has helped us achieve this." No waste present on the sides and over the top, cold to the touch and most importantly the cows are eating it well with the troughs licked clean every morning."
Mr Derek & Neil Young, Crummock House Farm, Waverton, Cumbria.

"1st year on Advance and are very happy with the job it's done on all 3 cuts. The first cut grass silage is undoubtedly the best silage we have ever made, not just on paper but in the trough as well! The cows are really enjoying the final product. We are currently milking 100 cows, which throughout the summer months have averaged around 22/23 litres and continued to do so into the back end. On the 2nd of November we introduced the 1st cut silage into the diet. In the space of 4 weeks that average rose from 22 litres to 28 litres per cow per day and that is where it remains. We have also seen a rise in the quality of milk with butter fat up from 3.98 to 4.26%. Analysis came back at 74 D-value, 11.9 ME, 35% DM, 14% Protein and a pH level of 3.9. "We will certainly be using it again next year”."
Mr Steven Beaty, Langhorn Farm, Bigrigg, Cumbria.

"Brothers Kevin and Gareth farm an organic system on the outskirts of the rural town Kirkby Lonsdale. They were pleased to find out that the Advance range is safe to use alongside their organic system and so were able to treat their whole crop barley and peas with Advance whole crop. They are very happy with what they have made and its stability in the clamp. "In previous years we have experienced problems with grains passing through the cow, this year we haven't seen a single one!" This shows us what an excellent job the enzymes have done in breaking down the fibres, allowing the cow to gain more nutritional value from the forage."
K&G Cowin, Hawkrigg farm, Mansergh, Kirkby Lonsdale.

"Simply the best silage we have ever made. A significant increase in dry matter intakes could explain the rise we've seen in daily milk production go from 33 litres up to 39 litres, with the cows receiving on average 3kg a head less cake a day. I also treat my whole crop wheat with Advance Whole Crop."
Mr Paul Hornby, Bowes Field Farm, Stork, Barrow

"We have used Advance for the first time this year and have made 3 cuts of very good, palatable silage. The 1st cut analysed extremely well at 32% DM, 74% D-Value and a 12.2ME. The cows are really enjoying their silage and we will certainly be using it again next year"
. Mr S Metcalfe, Holme House, Whittington, Kirkby Lonsdale

"We often find that cows go for the grass silage and then top up with whole crop but this year after using Advance Whole Crop it was the other way round. The cows just cleaned up the whole crop every time. It must be very palatable that's all I can think. This year I will be using Advance Grass as well."
James Drennan

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"John used Micron Advance Grass and noticed a difference." We have to have consistency in the final product. it ensures good intakes and it minimises wastage. This year with Advance Grass we got that consistency.""
John Young

"Douglas Wallbank Douglas used Micron Advance Silage Inoculant on his Maize Silage and was very suited with the results. To quote Douglas " I certainly have a more stable and consistent product than in the past. We always put a crop of grass on top of the maize silage and there always seem to be wastage around that join. This year that join is perfect.""
Douglas wallbank

""Since changing to New Breed for our Lamb Finisher blend we have been regularly topping Skipton market with our fat lambs. We were also successful with lambs across different weight categories at Countryside Live and Beef Expo.""
J Garth & Sons, Birk Knott

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"The second cut grass silage has wholecrop barley on top of it with a late second cut of grass on top of the wholecrop. It has been treated with Micron's additives and we are very pleased with the fermentation, it is very stable without creating lots of lactic acid and a low pH."
Malcolm Dockeray

"As we have to dig in round a corner to get to the main face we have only just started to use the sheargrab. We are very pleased with the stability and analysis of our Micron Advance treated silage. "
Derek and Gillian Young

"We have changed from Big Bale Silage to clamp silage for the first time this year. We treated the silage with Micron Advance. Historically when cows came in off grass 130 cows dropped 300 litres per day. This year we haven't lost any yield and the cows are hoovering up 53kgs of silage at 21% Dry matter. They are also being fed 6kgs of Brewers Grains, 2.5kgs of a Custom Blend and up to 10kgs of Silagemax parlour cake. "
David and Christine Sanderson

"Nigel Dockeray of Kelsick Farm, Wigton about to spread some slurry on one of the few dry days in October. Nigel is very pleased with his 1st cut silage treated with Micron Advance. "Several companies have sampled it and they all say it is one of the best silages they have analysed this year and it smells good with no waste at all."
Nigel Dockeray

"The cows are milking well and our new nutritionists from the New Breed UK team are doing a top job in feeding our cows. The team are a real pleasure to work with and have made a real difference to our business.."
Andrew Long

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