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Since 2011 a large number of New Breed Customers have enjoyed the benefits of our premier silage additive, “'Micron Bio-systems” Advance Range of Crop specific additives.

We are now heading into our 3rd season with the Advance products and we are extremely proud to have maintained a 100% re-order rate from our first two years. This is a true testament to any product.

We have found Microns range of crop specific inoculants to have performed very consistently in a variety of conditions. For sure, the previous two years weather has been dreadful, but on the other hand it has been the perfect weather for putting the additive to the test.

Stand out features of an Advance treated silages have been, cold and stable clamps with non to very little waste present, higher intakes in the trough with the cows really enjoying their forage and greater or maintained animal production has been experienced by many. For these reasons and more besides, we have already grown our Advance sales for 2013 by a whopping 50% over those of 2012.

New Breed are the largest suppliers of Micron Advance Silage additives to farmers in the UK.

John & Edward Woodhouse of Boldens Farm, Lancaster, Lancashire.

John & Edward used Advance WholeCrop  for the 1st time in 2012 and could not be happier with the results. The whole clamp is perfect, the seam between the two forages is clean as a whistle.


D&K Howarth at Rosé Farm, Preston, Lancashire.

2013 will see Derek use Advance for the 3rd year running. Again, clean as a whistle throughout the clamp.


Crackles lads at Mill Farm, Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria.

Perfect clamp of silage made in some challenging conditions.


David & Christine Sanderson of Thackthwaite Hall Farm.

David's pedigree Ayrshire cattle have enjoyed their Advance treatsilages for 2 years now.


Mr James Drennan at Balgracie Farm, Stranraer, Scotland.

James has used Advance in 2011 and 2012 treating both his whole cropwheat and his grass silage with the products. Silage additive used in Scotland.


Nigel Dockeray at Kelsick Farm, Wigton

Nigel has achieved great results over the past 2 years through treating his grass with Advance.


Our aim as a team is to maintain our current business and develop new Micron sales for New Breed. It has been a pleasure to visit our customer and view the quality of the Advance treated silages and it has been very satisfying to see the consistency of the clamps.

The whole team at New Breed are right behind the product and we all agree the science behind Advance is now being backed up by the results achieved by our customers.

Please read our testimonial section where you can find many success stories from our customers from a variety of locations. These testimonials have proven to be a huge help in securing new Advance business and so a big thank you to all that contributed to this.

Advance has been created for individual crops which are Grass, Maize, Fermented Whole Crop and Legumes. It contains four main components which vary in quantity depending on the type of forage to be treated so that the forages maximum potential can be achieved.

These are:

Lactic Acid Bacteria - Advance uses 2 separate strains of Lactic Acid Bacteria to ensure a fast and efficient fermentation. As quick as 72 hours is the timescale expected before the clamp is fully stable. The Lactic Acid Bacteria will convert the sugars available in the crop into Lactic Acid. The two strains of Lactic Acid Bacteria selected in Advance will work across the entire Ph range.


Acetic Acid Bacteria - When opening a clamp of silage the ingress of oxygen to the face or to a greater degree, in the TMR, can activate the previously inhibited spoilage organisms and heating can occur. Yeasts and Moulds begin utilising the Lactic Acid as food, producing the heat, leading to feed value losses, problems with palatability and poor animal production. The Acetic Acid Bacteria selected by Micron is Lactobacillus Brevis. This will fight to retard the growth of the yeasts and moulds which cause the spoilage by producing Acetic Acid.


Enzymes - Working in conjunction with Edinburgh University, Micron have carefully determined the exact types and amounts of enzymes needed for each specific crop type. The role of the enzymes is to increase the digestibility of the treated forages. This happens because the enzymes help to separate the carbohydrate from the lignin fibre thus leading to greater animal performance.


Microbial Stimulants - often the freeze dried bacteria used in a silage additive can be slow to re-activate when rehydrated. In the Advance range all the bacteria are coated with stimulants so that when they become rehydrated it ensures maximum activity straight away.


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Please click in the box below to view a copy of an article  published in The Farmers Guardian on 27th April 2012.  The article features New Breed Director, Mark Borthwick, and 2 of our very satisfied Micron Advance Grass Silage Additive users.


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