Lamb Colostrum Paste and Powder

New Breed Life-Gard Colostrum Paste uses only high quality colostrum which not only meets EC standards, but every batch is analysed for IgG levels and is inspected by a veterinary officer to receive the required health certificate.  In addition there measured amounts of IgGs specific to common pathagens such asE-coli and Salmonella included in the product.

Life Gard Colostrum paste also helps to ensure the Lamb develops rapidly its own immune system, contains high levels of carbohydrates for energy along with Vit B12 to give new born lambs an instant repsonse.  High VitE along with a mineral package that contains chelated trace elements ensures the best start for your lambs.


We also have Life-Gard Colostrum available in a powder form which is available in 500gm (20 Doses) and 1kg (40 Doses)

It is also worth noting that the Colostrum paste can be used on Calves at a higher rate of 20ml per Calf.  We have a number of Customer's successfully routinely giving calves the Colostrum Paste with good results.

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   NBUK Mineral Drench


                                                    Flock Boost


Multi-vitamin drench with chelated trace elements.

Specification (per litre):

Vitamin A 1,000,000iu

Vitamin D3 150,000iu

Vitamin E 15,000mg

Vitamin B1 2,700mg

Vitamin B2 1,000mg

Vitamin B3 3,000mg

Vitamin B5 1,250mg

Vitamin B6 1,250mg

Vitamin B9 1,250mg

Vitamin B12 12,000mcg

Vitamin C 1,000mg

Vitamin H (Biotin) 3,500mcg

Vitamin K (MSB) 1,000mg

Selenium 300mg

Cobalt 1,000mg

Manganese* 2,000mg

Zinc* 6,000mg

Lysine Hydrochloride 2,500mg

Methionine 3,500mg

Amino Acids 2,100mg

Essential Fatty Acids 1,800mg


* Metal Amino Acid Chelate



Lambs under 3 months                                         5ml per lamb

Lambs at 3months (weaning)                                10ml per lamb

Ewes and Rams Pre-Tupping

 Rams                        20ml   6-8 weeks before turnout and again at turnout.

 Hill Ewes                     15ml   3-4 weeks prior to ram turnout.

 Lowland Ewes              20ml   3-4 weeks prior to ram turnout


 Hill Ewes                  15ml    4-6weeks pre-lambing

 Lowland Ewes            20ml    4-6 weeks pre-lambing


Pack Size: 1 Litre (50/65 ewes-100/200 lambs)    2.5 Litre (125/165 ewes-250/500 lambs)      5 Litre (250/332ewes-500/1000 lambs)   

Will pass through a dosing gun.  Also available with 3000mg copper. 


2.5 Litres £59.95

5 Litres £97.50

25 Litres £360.00 + Carriage.


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Stock Boost Extra


Specification per litre:

Cobalt 10,000mg

Selenium 500mg

Vitamin A 1,000,000iu

Vitamin D3 300,000iu

Vitamin E 8000mg

Vitamin B1 2000mg

Vitamin B12 200,000mcg


Dose rates:

Young lambs                  2ml

Lambs > 3 months          4ml

Adult sheep                     5ml

Calves                            5ml

Growing cattle                 15ml

Adult Cattle                    20m


Also available with copper 3000mg


2.5 Litres £59.95

5 Litres £97.50

25 Litres £360.00 + Carriage

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Life-Gard Twin Lamb Drench

Fast Acting, energy rich drench with essential trace elements.

For the nutritional support of ewes carrying multiple lambs and at times of dietary stress.

Provides immediate, medium and long term energy.

Key trace elements to provide nutritional support during periods of stress.

Available in 525ml - 7 dose pack.


Life-Gard Boost

A high energy booster for lambs and calves.

Designed for doing lambs and calves in those vital early days to improve health and vitality.

100ml pack - 25 lambs

                       - 8 calves


Life-Gard Lambing Gard

A highly absorbant powder with the inclusion of a powerful disinfectant.

Specially designed to improve levels of hygiene and reduce mortality in indoor lambing pens and nursery quarters and reduce the incidence of disease through cross contamination.

Sprinkle 50-100gms over the lambing pen

Available in 25kg bags/buckets

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New Breed UK Sheep Feed Range.

Feeding the Ewe correctly is a very important part of the build up to Lambing.  A healthy Ewe in good condition producing strong viable Lambs should be the goal.  There is nothing worse than Lambing a thin Ewe with weak lambs and little or no milk.

We have therfore formulated a range of products that will prevent this scenario.

Ewe - Lac 

This is our no nonsense value for money 16% Ewe Feed.  Many of our customers start feeding Ewe's on this product and some use this is an alternative to Sugar Beet Pulp.

Ewe-Lac is available as a nut.

Maize Ewe

Maize Ewe is our proven 18% Ewe feed which is made up of balanced energy sources to ensure a steady flow of nutrients to the ewe.  In addition quality protein helps both milk quantity and quality.  An advanced mineral package along with high levels of Vitamin E helps to ensure Lambs are strong and viable.

Maize Ewe is available as a Nut and a Roll.

Ewe Plus

Ewe Plus is our well proven top of the range Ewe feed.  Again the balanced energy sources are formulated into this diet as with Maize Ewe.  However Ewe Plus has the added benefit of being 19% protein and the inclusion of Megalac.  Megalac is a protected fat that helps to maintain the Ewe's body condition and also assists in providing more milk of a higher quality for the Lamb.  Our advanced mineral package along with high levels of Vitamin E are also included in Ewe Plus.

Ewe Plus is available as a Nut or a Roll.


At New Breed UK we believe the nutritional quality and performance of Lamb Feed is more important than price per tonne.

We believe it pays to use a better feed and get your lambs away faster than to use a so called cheap feed for longer, as the following example shows.

If a Lamb eats 1kg of feed per day costing £230 per tonnes for 6 weeks the cost per Lamb is £9.66.

If a Lamb eats 1kg of feed per day costing £210 per tonne for 8 weeks because the feed is not as powerful the cost per lamb is £11.76.

This is an extra cost of £2.10 per Lamb even though the feed is £20 per tonne cheaper.

On a batch of 100 Lambs this is an extra cost of £210

We at New Breed UK can save you money on Lamb Finishing as your Lambs will fatten quicker.

We achieve this by using quality ingredients based on a high level of cereals, quality protein sources, digestable fibre sources and a mineral package specifically for Lambs.

The name of this product is; NEW BREED MI 15

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